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Please read the following rules before you join, thank you very much.
  • Use a valid email address. This is important, so I can contact you when the need arises. You have the option of displaying or hiding it on your listed info.

  • Choose your country from the menu. This is a TAFL requirement, so you really need to follow it.

  • Special characters in your name will be edited out. They compromise the security of the script, so to be on the safe side, I'd rather that you do not include them in your username when you join.

  • Website URL. You do not need to own a website/shrine to join. If you do not own one, then leave it blank. Please do not provide a link to websites that you do not own, as there is no point in doing that.

    I reserve the right not to put up some URLs provided, due to their content/nature (i.e, hate/porn/auction/warez/etc).

  • Place a code in your email and/or site. You can choose between text or image codes. This is not mandatory, though. I will still add you whether or not you put up codes for the FL. The purpose of codes is to show that you are a fan of a particular interest, and that you have joined said FL. It also serves as advertising for the FL (:

  • Do not hotlink. Save the image codes to your own server/Photobucket/Imageshack. The last two options are free.

  • Remember, all fans are welcome to join. Except for spammers and bots, that is.
Are you sure you have read and understood everything? If yes, click here to join. If not, then read everything all over again (: