Unchanging Rhythm would like to affiliate with other fanlistings (Anime/Manga: Songs). If you are interested, then please take note of the following before you proceed to the application part:
  • Prince of Tennis fanlistings are welcome to apply. This means any fanlisting for characters/episodes/relationships/songs/etc. of the mentioned series are welcome to apply

  • No hate/porn/auction/warez/or any other sites of similar nature.

  • Multiple websites are allowed as long as they meet the requirements stated above. Just please fill out a separate form for each.

  • Please do not try to apply with a website that is not yours. Trust me, I know how to check these things.

  • I reserve the right to deny applications if they do not meet the requirements stated above.

  • This is not a requirement, but my preferred link button/code's size is 75x50. If you do not have any, I will make one that we can both use. As for linking back to the FL -- feel free to make your own code or ask me to make one in your preferred size (:

  • In case you have closed one/all of your sites, or you have moved them to another server/gave them out for adoption, or changed your email address/name of the fanlisting, etc., please inform me.
Are you sure you have read and understood everything? If yes, click here to apply. If not, then read everything all over again (: